The Vacation Rental Show: How We Grow
Why Advocacy is SO Important with Scott Leggat of Inhabit
November 7, 2023
Join Lynell Gordon and Scott Leggat of Inhabit as they delve into why advocacy is so important, how Inhabit raised money for their advocacy program, and why you should get involved with your local community if you want to grow your business.
In this episode of How We Grow: The Vacation Rental Show, host Lynell Gordon is joined by Scott Leggat of Inhabit.

Join them as they:

Scott Leggat is the Director of Government Affairs & Advocacy at Inhabit; prior to this he was the CEO of Local Social by Seaside Vacations. One of his previous colleagues describes him as ‘an astute Business Developer’ and ‘generous, fair and pragmatic in all his dealings’. Scott is someone we respect an insurmountable amount and we’re honored to have him on this week’s episode!

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