The Vacation Rental Show: How We Grow
Creating a Fanbase and How to Rebrand an Established Business with Tom Goodwin, CEO of Mountain Laurel Chalets
April 4, 2023
Lynell Gordon and guest Tom Goodwin explore the power of personalization. Through real-life examples, Tom illustrates how to drive engagement and increase customer satisfaction.
Tom Goodwin is CEO of Mountain Laurel Chalets, a family-owned cabin rental company with a 50 year legacy in the hospitality industry. He joins Lynell to discuss his experience in the vacation rental industry and how he looks for opportunities to humanize and personalize the business. 

Through stories and examples, Tom shares insight from twelve years of building relationships with owners and guests for a property management company that has kept up with the times since 1972. Listen to this episode of How We Grow, the Vacation Rental Show, to learn marketing strategies to drive engagement. 

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