The Vacation Rental Show: How We Grow
From 950 to 1,200 Properties: How SkyRun Stayed Consistent, with CEO Lukas Krause
September 26, 2023
Join Lynell Gordon and Lukas Krause as they dive into the recent rapid evolution of the property management space. From discussing the new and upcoming trends in culture and technology to SkyRun’s rapid growth from representing 950 properties to over 1,200, Lynell and Lukas offer invaluable insights for all property managers.
In this episode of How We Grow: The Vacation Rental Show, host Lynell Gordon is joined by Lukas Krause, the CEO of SkyRun Vacation Rentals.

Join them as they:

Lukas Krause is the CEO of SkyRun Vacation Rentals, a property management company representing over 1,200 vacation rental properties in over thirty locations across North America. Prior to this, he was the president of National Corporate Housing, a global multi-brand corporate housing company providing fully furnished, temporary housing across several nations.

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