The Vacation Rental Show: How We Grow
The Importance of Private Memberships to Short-Term Rental Success with Ed Middlebrooks, Owner at Full Price For Your House
March 14, 2023
Join Lynell Gordon and Ed Middlebrooks as they take a deep dive into the value of private memberships, discuss short-term rental rules and regulations, and highlight some rental property investing strategies to add to your playbook.
In this episode of How We Grow: The Vacation Rental Show, host Lynell Gordon is joined by Ed Middlebrooks, Owner of Full Price For Your House.

Join them as they:

Ed also shares some hilarious stories from his time in the short-term rental industry and actionable tips for homeowners.

Ed Middlebrooks is the Owner of Full Price For Your House, a real estate entrepreneur and investor specializing in investment deals that offer more value for sellers than traditional investments.

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