The Vacation Rental Show: How We Grow
Vacation Rental Stories: Episode 63 - Driving Innovation and Partnership
April 15, 2024
Join Lynell Gordon as she talks to Inhabit’s CEO, Lisa Stinnett, about how the company is revolutionizing the industry through innovative products and solutions. This episode is sponsored by Streamline.
In this episode of How We Grow, host Lynell Gordon is joined by Lisa Stinnett of Inhabit.
Together, they cover:
●  Inhabit’s history from start-up to industry leader
●  How Inhabit is bringing products from residential properties to vacation rentals
●  How Inhabit is solving property manager pain points

Lisa is CEO of Inhabit, a leader in both the vacation rental and long-term residential PropTech space. Having founded the company in 2016, Lisa has led the company through over 30 acquisitions and numerous organic product launches. Prior to this, she held executive roles at Ministry Brands.
This episode is sponsored by Streamline.
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