The Vacation Rental Show: How We Grow
Wow Customers and Grow Your Business with Tim Cafferty
February 28, 2023
Tim Cafferty, President at Sandbridge Blue Realty Services & Outer Banks Blue Realty Services, shares his inspirational story and details how he grew his business from 10 properties to over 1,000 in 5 years.
Ever since he can remember, Tim Cafferty has been in the vacation rental business. He remembers being "eight years old, carrying linens out to the guests' cars." 

In this episode of the How We Grow: The Vacation Rental Show, Tim shares the lessons he's learned from a lifetime of experience in the hospitality industry. He emphasizes the importance of customer service and integrity in business and provides advice on planning for growth.

From acquisition to growth development, you'll hear stories recounting how he started his business. Listen to this episode to get tips on how to establish your business, build relationships with owners and guests, and expand your horizons.

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